TUI's package holidays reimagined.

Project summary

Searching and booking package holidays on mobile can be a tedious task because of complex check-out processes and lack of overview and (price) transparency. How can we make this process exciting and easy?


Project Info

Even though TUI held 16% of the German market before Corona, the market for holiday bookings got very competitive over the past years. Especially brokers like Airbnb and Booking got a growing piece of the pie.

Searching and planning holidays is a process that can take up to 90 days and -without surprise- mostly takes places on mobile. TUI noticed a steady growth on its mobile traffic, however the conversion rate on mobile still lags behind. So, how might we improve the experience of booking holidays on mobile and drive conversion?

Our mission was to optimise the mobile experience for package holiday bookings and by that driving conversion up with 300%.

My role and responsibilities

  • Workshop facilitation: Ideation workshops, Value Proposition Canvas, Team Canvas
  • Qualitative user interviews
  • Problem and use case definition
  • UX Concept and prototyping
  • Creation of Design System components and principles
  • Usability testing in UX labs


  • Bringing together internal and external design teams and helping them adapt to new frameworks
  • Building a booking and checkout process that allows for maximum flexibility without compromising on transparency


  • High-fidelity prototype tested in two UX labs
  • 30 developed and implemented Design System components with new UX/UI
  • An end-to-end booking process for families

↳ Read the full case study (German)

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