Digital Loyality Card for DB ServiceStore.

Project summary

A web app that offers a digital loyalty card to customers of DB ServiceStore. The web app allows customers to use discounts and collect points for free coffees and other loyalty benefits.


Project Info

DB Station&Service set up a new franchise of convenience stores in German train stations. These convenience stores offer drinks, snacks, train tickets and information to travellers. In some cases, the stores also function as a supermarket, canteen and meeting place.

DB Station&Service approached us to help them with a digital tool to:

  1. offer commuters a loyalty programme and personalised deals in the SuperKiosk
  2. offer franchise-partners a way to publish campaigns and share information about their SuperKiosk

The main objective from DB Station&Service was customer retention (through loyalty programmes) and offering a platform for their franchise-partners to easily advertise deals in the ServiceStore to end users.

My role and responsibilities
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Qualitative user interviews / Field observations
  • Problem and use case definition
  • UX Concept
  • Prototyping
  • Usability testing in UX labs

  • Designing a solution that allows customers to quickly scan their digital loyalty card
  • Bringing together technology and strategy

  • High-fidelity prototype tested in two UX labs
  • MVP is currently live

Based on qualitative user interviews and desktop research, I created two Value Proposition Canvases. One for commuters (B2C) and one for franchisers (B2B). These Value Proposition Canvases show a Customer profile with pains, gains and jobs-to-be-done and a Value Proposition map that lists the opportunities for DB Station&Service.

One of the most important things was to identify moments in the commuters journey where the loyalty card and discounts would be a benefit. I created a Journey Map to identify pain point triggers and opportunities to improve the commute.

Problem Statement and Hypotheses

Though we assumed digital loyalty cards would be of great value for our customers, we discovered that there is little customer interest to use digital loyalty programmes and/or deals. This is because commuters oftentimes aren't very loyal to a local bakery or coffee shop but rather get their drinks and snacks at the closest available convenience store on their way.

This posed an interesting challenge to us: "How might we combine our clients business objectives with customer needs?"

In order to tackle this question, we decided to move forward with a digital tool that would focus on a digital loyalty programme as well as personalized deals and test which feature appealed to our customers the most. 

To ensure that our solutions contributed to the business objectives of our partner, we defined three focus areas:

  1. Improved customer experience
  2. Connected services
  3. The train station as central mobility hub.

Within these three areas, we defined hypotheses that would act as guides throughout the design process. One of the hypotheses was for example: "Customer loyality, store visits and yearly revenue per customer increases when we support the customer's commute with offers, campaigns and programmes fit to their personal needs."

Building validated products fast

I was responsible for the UX design in this project. Due to the nature of this project, I had limited time for the early stages in our design process. Therefore I focused on creating reusable components to build and edit high-fidelity prototypes quickly and easily.

The main features in my concept were:

  1. A digital loyalty card which allowed customers to collect points for rewards (like a free coffee or breakfast) and see their personal highlights.
  2. Homepage with personalised ads, based on frequently visited SuperKiosk and commute.
  3. Store Detailpage: each ServiceStore has its own detailpage with important store information like opening times, assortment, services and store-specific promotions.
  4. Store Finder

Iterations of our digital loyalty card, which could be used in-store through a QR-code. Customers could collect points which can be exchanged for rewards like free snacks or drinks.

Flow for first timer users that are not registered yet.

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