This is
what I do.

Workshop Facilitation

Discovery and ideation workshops
Value Proposition Design
Service Blueprint
Customer Journey Maps
Service Design


Competitor Analysis
Qualitative User Interviews
Data Analysis
Customer Profiles


Hypotheses-based Design
Service Design
Information Architecture
Problem Statements
User Stories
Design Systems (UX)


(Video) content creation
Workshop facilitation
Public Speaking

1. Purpose over tactics

Too often projects start with the question "How?" rather than "Why?". This leads to problems in

2. Research-based

Whatever I do: creating a YouTube video, prepare for an upcoming citytrip or work on new designs - I always start with extensive research and problem exploration. More than focusing on finding a solution, I try to dig as deep into the problem space as I can.

3. Co-creation

Design isn't a solitary practice. In my day-to-day work I actively seek out the participation of stakeholders and colleagues. I'm a big believer that good design solutions come out of bringing together different expertises.

I facilitate Design Thinking workshops to help organisations make the jump from being customer-aware to customer-centered.

4. With an eye for craft

I'm a maker in the first place. I enjoy the craft of UX design and the execution of good ideas. I support the product development cycle from problem definition to design delivery.

5. Strategy-driven tools

The risks of focusing on technology and tools without a well-defined strategy are obvious: not being able to deliver the promised customer experience. I'm a big believer in a strategy-driven approach.

6. A heart for people. A mind for business.

With my solutions I always stay mindful of business constraints, finding the perfect balance between an elegant solution that serves customer's needs yet is cost- and time-effective.

My Design Values

I enjoy working with partners instead of clients. I'm at my best when collaborating throughout the entire product development cycle.

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