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Free and accessible UX education, coaching calls and workshop facilitation.

Notion Portfolio Template

Creating a UX portfolio doesn't have to be hard. Use my free template packed with tips to create your portfolio in just a day!

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My UX Resources

Throughout the years I collected a bunch of resources that helped me get started in the field. I'm now sharing all of my resources in one handy Notion wiki.

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It's my mission to make design knowledge accessible to as many people as possible.
I share my experiences and UX tutorials on YouTube and Instagram.

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Mentorship and Coaching

Currently I'm not offering any mentorship or coaching calls but keep an eye on my Superpeer page to find open slots!

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Brand Collaborations

I work together with brands to create sponsored content on social media.

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Public Speaking

I have given talks as a host and guest on topics like careerchange, UX education and Design Thinking.


Do I need a design degree to work as a UX designer?

No, you don't need a design degree to work as a UX designer. Many designers are self-taught or come from a different background. I also don't have a degree in design but studied Art History and worked in marketing before switching careers.

Should I enroll in a bootcamp to become a UX designer?

Bootcamps, schools and courses can be of great benefit when you want to become a UX designer. They offer a curriculum made by professionals and oftentimes come with a student community or even personal coaching. However, it is possible to learn UX design on your own and save a lot of money. If self-learning is the right fit for you, really depends on your learning style.

I can't afford paid mentorship. Can you help me?

I have only limited resources I can invest in teaching design. That's why I'm unfortunately not able to offer free mentorship at this moment.

However, I do regular Design Q&As on Instagram and Youtube where you can ask your question.

Lastly, I recommend ADPlist that offers free portfolio reviews and mentorship calls!

Do you have any advice on finding a job in UX?

If I could give my younger self two pieces of advice I would say: find what makes you unique and be intentional.

Many UX portfolios look the same, because they use the same design approach. Do you research and find ways to make your portfolio stand out.

Be intentional with your job search. Instead of applying for dozens of jobs, invest time in research. Find out which industry you would like to work at, identify the most important job open ings in that industry in your area, learn about a company's vision and challenges. Customize your portfolio and coverletter to the company you're applying to.

I still have a question - how can I reach you?

The fastest way to reach me is by sending my a DM on Instagram. I try my best to answer all my DMs, though sometimes I might oversee one. I already answered many questions in my posts, perhaps yours is already covered there too!