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E-Commerce in the automotive industry

I supported several Volkswagen projects to a succesfull launch, including the online platform to sell commercial vehicles (Nutzfahrzeuge) and the online shop of the new electric car ID3.


I supported several Volkswagen projects in 2018-2019. These projects gave me the opportunity to work closely together with different stakeholders and remote developer teams. I gained experience working in SCRUM environments.

My responsibilities included:

User Research

Supporting user Interviews (remote), User Research including competitor analysis

Concept & Prototyping

Userflows, Wireframes and Prototyping in Invision.

User Stories & QA Testing

Writing user stories in JIRA, backlog refinements with SCRUM model, QA Testing.

Check-out for ID3 Online Shop

In spring 2019 I supported our UX team to launch the online shop for the new Volkswagen electric car ID3. This projects brought many exciting challenges as there were many stakeholders and service providers involved and each partner was responsible for a different part in the sales funnel. This made close collaboration with different agencies and departments crucial.  

My role in this project was to design the check-out process. Starting point was after the customer applied for financing and through adding all his personal data, payment option, order overview and order confirmation.

My responsibilities

User research including user interviews, competitor analysis, userflows, wireframes, prototype

What I've learned

Writing clear briefings and debriefs are incredibly important when working with different stakeholders and departments

Launching online platform Nutzfahrzeuge

From autumn 2018 to winter 2019 I supported the launch of the online shop for commercial vehicles.

My role in this project was to support the developers by writing user stories and making sure our designs were implemented correctly.

The challenge that this project brought was that I entered the project in relatively late phase and had no involvement in the initial UX concepts. There was little opportunity for exchange with people who were responsible for the concept. Therefore I had to first understand the UX concepts myself whilst at the same time turning them into actionable user stories. I solved this by keeping very close ties with the responsible UI designer and taking responsibility for writing backlog tickets and planning.

Every week we met with the remote developer team to discuss our backlog tickets and plan accordingly. After the platform was succesfully launched, I supported the team with QA testing.

Visit the online shop: www.nutzfahrzeugsuche.de

My responsibilities

User Stories, Collaboration and support developers

What I've learned

Planning and structure are important factors to do my job successfully and I'm happy to take these responsibilities on my shoulders.